Hear The Mountain Goats' Ode To WWE's 'Legit Boss,' Sasha Banks

Banks requested the song after The Mountain Goats released Beat The Champ, a wrestling-themed album, in 2015. Now, songwriter John Darnielle has delivered.
Sasha Banks (shown here at a WWE Live Duesseldorf event in 2017 in Duesseldorf, Germany) is the subject of a new song by The Mountain Goats. Source: Lukas Schulze

If you've written off women's wrestling, you're missing out. Once cringeworthy and blatantly misogynistic, the oft-maligned melodramatic art form is having a moment in pop culture, from Netflix's to Palehound's squared circle-set video for." Even on sports entertainment's highest stage, is actively course-correcting, with women taking top billing on its flagship program, , and at pay-per-view events.

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