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Turning a Breakup Into a Positive Experience

This article originally appeared in The New York Times.

When I used to get dumped, I had a habit of clinging to my ex-boyfriends’ oversized sweaters, hoping they’d materialize into the people I once loved.

As my eyes sagged like sad hammocks from under the sweatshirt’s hood, my well-meaning circle of friends buzzed with advice.

“Get bangs, but don’t do them yourself.”

“Open an Etsy shop.”

“Change your identity and move to a foreign country.”

While my bone structure is in no way conducive to bangs, and I have no remarkable crocheting skills to profit from, I found comfort in being productive. Whether I was doing something radical or small, seemed more appealing than spiraling. Rather than sulking, I learned to turn my post-breakup slumps into easy excuses to better myself

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