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Trump’s America Is the Safest Country in the World

The world is less dangerous than it was a year ago — but the long-term trends, if you're not American, have gotten cloudier.

To paraphrase Ronald Reagan: Are you safer than you were a year ago? Are you less at risk of serious harm, external dangers, sudden violence, or a loss of freedom or safety? Contrary to the alarmist suggestions of populists out to create panic and the breathless paranoia that dominates the news cycle, the answers are mostly reassuring for the West and other major powers.

Consider the United States. Despite U.S. President Donald Trump’s systematic attempts to destroy what’s left of the existing world order, the immediate threats to Americans haven’t changed much since a year ago. And if you take the long-term perspective, the United States might even be the safest country in the world — or at least the only one whose greatest risk is its own citizens.

One sign of that continued stability is the complacency in most global markets. If the risk of war involving major powers were clearly increasing, one would expect this heightened geopolitical risk to be dragging down equities, discouraging investment, and slowing global growth. But the Dow Jones industrial average is up more than 15 percent on the year, the Nasdaq composite is up 25 percent, and thus far the market has been shrugging off the U.S. decision to leave the Iran nuclear deal, the possibility of a trade war, and the wild tango between North Korea’s Kim “Little Rocket Man” Jong Un and Donald “Dotard” Trump.

To be fair, it’s not just Wall Street: The FTSE in London and the DAX in Germany are both up

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