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Climate Change Is The Global Health Emergency Of The 21st Century
THERE CAN BE no discussion about climate change without a meaningful conversation about public health. As leading health experts have affirmed, the climate crisis is a threat multiplier, particularly for communities suffering from environmental injus
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Preserving Ocean Life Is Essential To Preserving Human Life
AS YOU’VE LIKELY HEARD, the ocean’s health is in trouble. You’re probably aware of overfishing and the harmful practices of fisheries driving a third of the planet’s fish stocks toward extinction, and you surely know about the unconscionable amount o
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Paper Straws Alone Won’t Save The Planet
EVERYONE FACES CHOICES every day that carry a climate cost. Do we turn the lights on in the morning, or is the light of daybreak sufficient for finding matching socks? Do we feast on bacon and eggs for breakfast, or will a bowl of oatmeal suffice? Th