A costly distraction

Each year I was the director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Congress mandated that we use discretion when deciding how to use our funds wisely. This prosecutorial

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The Complicated Truth About U.S. Citizenship
THE FIRST TIME I SAW THE STATUE OF LIBERTY WAS 25 years ago, from a noisy ferry that brought me and hundreds of other eager tourists across New York Harbor. Back then I was a foreign student, in Manhattan for three days to attend an academic conferen
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Shell’s Crude Awakening
A PECULIAR THEME PARK IN THE HAGUE CELEBRATES THE HISTORY OF the Netherlands through a series of miniature models. The Madurodam features little canals, old-fashioned windmills, tiny tulips and, amid it all, an homage to Royal Dutch Shell, the oil gi
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Awards Shows Are Dying. Is That So Bad?
I USED TO LOVE THE GOLDEN GLOBES. THERE’S more riding on the Oscars, sure, and the Grammys have performances from the world’s most bankable singers. But for those of us who were never all that impressed by these institutions’ efforts to identify the