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Best Password Managers
PASSWORDS ARE OF critical importance today, as the number of services we sign up to keeps on increasing. To simplify logging in, most people tend to reuse their passwords, which is bad practice. To avoid this kind of repetition, password managers gen
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Quick–fire Questions & Answers
In iOS and iPadOS 13.1 and later you can’t turn Personal Hotspot off unless you disable your mobile connection or turn Airplane Mode on. It’s always available to other devices on the same iCloud account and through Family Sharing, but you control whe
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Files And Backup
WHY CAN’T I EMPTY THE TRASH? IT KEEPS GIVING ME AN ERROR Emptying the Trash (Ctrl–click it for the option) erases any files in it forever, freeing disk space. However, if a process has marked a file as in use, it won’t be able to remove it. Get infor