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Paper Problems
When we published a list of backpacking skills fixes in our July/August issue (“You’re Doing it Wrong”), a few readers wrote in to say that one particular piece of advice smelled a little funny. “Your endorsement for burying toilet paper…is misleadin
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2. Where Darkness Reigns
WHENEVER WE STOP for a break and turn off our headlamps, the darkness swarms in. My imagination takes over and I see blotches of color despite the blackness, as if my sense of sight is trying to fight back, to prove it’s still worth something. I wave
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BEST FEATURE OUR TAKE Magnets? Neat! The FINDr now has magnets in its tips and tails, which allow the skis to snap together base-to-base without the need for brakes or aftermarket straps. This makes it easy to keep the FINDrs secure when transitionin