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Labeling GMOs might not actually make them seem scarier

Vermonters seem less averse to bioengineered food once it's identified.
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Grocery aisles are getting yet another colorful label in 2020

Most people in America want labels telling them which food is genetically modified. Whatever you think about whether they should or shouldn’t avoid them, more than 90 percent of us want to at least be informed.

This has caused something of a rift in the people who study the world of GMOs (genetically modified organisms). One side says that the public is irrationally afraid of GMOs without really knowing anything about them,. The other side says that whether people are informed or not is beside the point. If people , whether because they think it might harm their health or because of a general distaste for the Big Ag companies that produce GMOs, that’s their prerogative, and they have a right to know what’s in their food.

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