'Three Identical Strangers': Nuanced Doc Tells A Gripping Tale — In Triplicate

Filmmaker Tim Wardle reveals the fascinating story of three identical triplets who found one another by chance, and shows how the ensuing media circus, and long-buried secrets, took a toll on each.
L to R: Eddy Galland, David Kellman and Bobby Shafran were identical triplets separated at birth; the documentary Three Identical Strangers explores their fascinating story. ... Stories. Source: NEON

Now in his grizzled late fifties, Bobby Shafran is an affable, ordinary fellow whose life ran away from him back in 1980, when the nineteen-year-old freshman drove his beat-up Volvo to enter community college in upstate New York. He was puzzled at being effusively greeted by fellow students who called him Eddy. It quickly transpired that he was a dead ringer for another student at the college named Eddy Galland, who turned out to be the twin Bobby never knew he had. The discovery got into the local press, and soon a third lookalike, David Kellman, turned up. The identical triplets, all adopted by different families, were joyfully reunited and

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