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PICK ’EM: GT350 or GT500?
We’ve just declared the GT500 a game changer. But how does it compare to the GT350, the Shelby that just earned second place in this year’s Best Driver’s Car competition? They’re both so good, it’s almost like having to choose your favorite child—alb
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Mt Confidential
The XK engine made Jaguar famous. Designed by William Heynes in the 1940s, the XK was an inline-six with twin overhead camshafts. It made its debut in 1949 and stayed in production until 1992. Built in displacements ranging from 2.4 to 4.2 liters, it
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Intake McLaren Elva
The million-plus-dollar roadster club just got its newest member: the McLaren Elva. Named after the McLaren-Elva sports cars designed by Bruce McLaren himself in the 1960s, the new Elva will be a two-seat, open-top hypercar powered by a 4.0-liter twi