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Watergate planner ONE COULD ARGUE THAT G. Gordon Liddy, who died March 30 at 90, was always ruthless. According to an oft-repeated anecdote from his childhood, he once ate a rat dragged in by his sister’s cat “to demonstrate to myself my lack of fear
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The Psychology Of Influence
ONE OF EVOLUTION’S CLEVEREST tricks was giving us a sense of shame. It’s a miserable feeling—low, humbling, publicly discomfiting—but it’s supposed to be: if you do something lousy you ought to feel something lousy, so you don’t do it again. In theor
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Kevin Young
You lived in Topeka, Kans., for a time growing up. What’s it like to go from a central place in African-American history to running a history museum? I went to the church where Linda Brown of Brown v. Board of Education played piano and sang beautifu