Hell and Gone   ‘02 – Volume 43, Issue 10

A breath of fresh air is not normally how you’d describe a travelogue filled with so many stories of pant-soiling, but “Second Thoughts,” a 2002 article by D.C. Green based on excerpts from Timmy Turner’s feral Indonesian travel journal, was exactly that. Turner and friends Travis Potter and Brett Schwartz spent an untold number of weeks on an unnamed peninsula in West Java. They

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Surfer14 min read
Other Dimensions
Surfboard design is shit science. Always has been. Sure, there are myriad ways a shaper can alter a blank to intentionally affect the way a finished board rides, but it’s a game of trial and error, eyeballing and improvising, infinite variables and b
Surfer3 min read
Hall of Strange
Clockwise from top left, the drugs ingested during the creation of these covers were peyote, marijuana, DMT, LSD, magic mushrooms, Quaaludes and, oddly enough, over-the-counter allergy medication (crazy, right?). The counterculture aesthetics of the
Surfer1 min read
Stoner Vision
The life of former SURFER photographer Ron Stoner is as tragic a tale as you’ll find in surfing—a heart-wrenching progression from shy kid to superstar lensman to drug-addled schizophrenic in less than a decade. The blink of an eye, really. But for a