I Dream of Surf

The best wave I’ve ever surfed is a novelty right-hander that spins up inside a sandspit-protected harbor in the little Central Coast town where I grew up. At a glance, the setup doesn’t seem like it should be capable of producing surf—it’s a good half-mile or more from the open ocean, tucked way, way inside a boat-filled bay on the edge of a brackish estuary. While it seems impossible for any swell angle to actually reach the break, it’s somehow pumping

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The Iron Prince 2000
How to properly measure an air… Is it the sheer height of the thing? How about the amount of rotations? Maybe it’s a reverse. Back flip or front flip, even. You could look at how corked out it is, or how nasty the section cleared. Yeah, objectively,
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Sal Masekela, 47
The act of surfing is about as musical as physical expression can be in sports. It’s rhythmic, and if you don’t have rhythm with the ocean, you won’t be able to surf—you have to have metronome in some way. I grew up playing music and when I first mov
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Scions Of Style
Zack Flores shaped his first surfboard when he was 10 years old. Ten! Imagine even wanting to do a thing like that at that age. Most 10-year-old kids think surfboards just come from the surfboard store—if they think about where they come from at all.