'Darkest Time Of Night' Will Keep You Turning Pages

Television investigative reporter Jeremy Finley brings his small-screen experience to bear in this debut novel, a satisfyingly suspenseful thriller with overtones of The X-Files and Stranger Things.
"The Darkest Time of Night" by Jeremy Finley Source: Samantha Clark

What keeps us reading is a varied and curious thing. For one book, it's plot, for another, it's pacing, for still another, relevance — and so forth. (When you find a book that has it all? Call the Pulitzer hotline ...)

Jeremy Finley's debut may have a flaw, and more on that in a moment, but this novel's page-turning quotient is high. It's got an ambitious U.S. senator, Tom Roseworth, his homebody wife-style, on a cross-country mission to frozen Colorado and an ultimately creepy (yes, also creepy) destination.

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