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Aluminum is everywhere that either lightweight structure or high thermal and electrical conductivity are required. The typical sportbike has an aluminum cylinder block, head, and crankcases, plus a welded aluminum chassis and swingarm. Within the engine, the crucial aluminum application is its pistons, which by conducting heat so well are able to survive exposure to combustion temperatures far above their melting point. The wheels, coolant and oil radiators, hand levers and their brackets, top and (often) bottom fork crowns, upper fork tubes (in USD forks), brake calipers, and

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Super Bike Stimulation
Arguments will be made for other categories of sportbikes, but nothing delivers the emotion-evoking exotic personality and outright performance like a modern-day superbike. Each is a brutally fast piece of industrial art optimized with everything it
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In The Outside Air
My 6-year-old son, Ian, yesterday asked if we could take a ride on our 1954 Velocette MSS 500 when we got home after school, work, and all the rest of normal life. It is, of course, impossible to say no to such a request, even if it means a slightly
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Foreword Thinking
The first question to anyone’s lips is “Why?” The motor company’s meticulously cultivated image is a muscular one, tied to traditional values of nationalism and personal independence. The Harley Big Twin owner tours America, often over heroic mileage