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There is good health and fitness advice on the web—here's how to find it

Don't just assume that sore throat is a sign of cancer.
sick man

Feeling sick

Tempted to look up your symptoms online? Stick to trustworthy health sources.

At times, we all rely on the internet to diagnose our symptoms. But finding trustworthy health advice isn't easy. For every website that blames your sore throat on allergies, there's an app that thinks it might be cancer. Among the vast multitude of online voices—a search for "shallow breathing" alone turns up more than 30 million Google results—which ones can you rely on?

Don't despair. In this guide, we'll point you toward the best medical resources on the internet. Any one of these websites or apps will give you health advice you can rely on.

1. Medline Plus

Medline Plus isn't the type of website you visit to type in symptoms and see what you've come down with. Instead, it offers advice on broad topics like and , as well as more specific issues like and . Each page also provides links to related information, such as relevant articles and clinical trials. If you already have a known or suspected diagnosis, this site can prove an invaluable resource.

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