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The Long Island, New York–based Rolling Thunder Special Needs Program began in 1998, and has produced a number of success stories, including Mikey Brannigan, and Alex and Jamie

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I Ran 400 Miles Through The Desert With 9 Strangers And We Didn’t Kill Each Other
I’d already run a half marathon today through 106-degree heat. Instead of figuring out my punchline, I remained prone in the backseat of our support vehicle, pumping myself up for the next challenge: downing tonight’s rice and curry. The evening’s me
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The Inside Lane
THE LATE ANTHONY BOURDAIN had a few clear rules for his staff when they were in the field filming his television shows: You never eat on an airplane. You never eat at the hotel. You never order a salad. The chef and storyteller knew that nothing slow
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IT’S THE END OF JUNE, and on the dirt paths around Boulder Reservoir, happiness wafts from the surface like heat rising from a Texas highway. But only in one place. The glee follows the wake of five young men, all rail-thin, shirtless, and laughing.