Comic-Con Day 4: The Monstrous Regiment

San Diego Comic-Con ended on Sunday, and our intrepid correspondents Mallory Yu and Petra Mayer report on an Eisner Awards ceremony (the Oscars of comics) dominated by women and writers of color.
A page from Emil Ferris' Eisner Award-winning My Favorite Thing Is Monsters. Women and creators of color were big winners at this year's Eisners. Source:

San Diego Comic-Con wrapped up on Sunday. NPR comic buffs Mallory Yu and Petra Mayer discuss highlights of the convention's last day, in which women, writers of color — and monsters — took front and center.

Petra: Mallory, oh, my God, we made it. We made it. We almost got sidetracked just trying to find a place to sit down and eat some crummy convention concession pizza (although by Grabthar's hammer, crummy convention concession pizza was what my soul desired) but we made it through the week.

Mallory: Petra, we ran and walked and crawled and complained and laughed our way through this weekend. We did it! (Now we can go home and relax. Oh, wait.)

Petra: Seriously, though, aside from waiting in lines, the more elaborate crowd control this year means the OTHER signature Comic-Con experience is trying desperately to get from point A to point B but being shunted through Q, 13 and Albuquerque by new barriers and checkpoints.

But that does lead to some odd moments of serendipity — I was trying to find my way out of the upstairs hall where most and now . And just happened to be willing to take a few minutes to tell me about the comic project, , that he'd just announced.

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