Mental Health Solutions An Uphill Battle In Rural Honduras

Finding treatment for depression, schizophrenia, bipolar and other cognitive disorders can be trying even in countries with the most advanced medical systems.
Reynaldo Lopez, who has depression and a neuro-muscular disorder, is cared for by his mother. (Karyn Miller-Medzon/Here & Now)

The World Health Organization estimates 300 million people worldwide suffer from depression — calling it the leading cause of global disability.

Finding treatment can be trying, even in countries with the most advanced medical systems. Now imagine suffering from depression, schizophrenia, bipolar and other cognitive disorders in the developing world, where some patients live their entire lives without a diagnosis.

Community Health Partnership Honduras recently traveled to southwestern Honduras, among the poorest regions in the world. The nongovernmental organization partners Honduran and American volunteer medical workers who visit the region twice a year.

Ludis Marleny Rodriguez’s home sits high atop a cliff, a 25-minute hike up a precarious dirt and rock path from the small village of El Sause. Her hut has dirt floors and outdoor plumbing and she lives with 11 family

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