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Please do not try to survive on an all-meat diet

Here's what you should know about the latest carnivore trend.
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This looks tasty, but would you want to eat only this forever?


If your love of ribeye knows no bounds, perhaps you’d be interested in the carnivore diet. The rules are simple—eat only meat—and the purported benefits seem boundless. More energy. Less body fat. You can even cure your Lyme disease, depression, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Or at least, so say the proponents of the carnivore diet, , a former orthopedic surgeon who has been one of the biggest public advocates for consuming only meat. Other high-profile members of the carnivore club (or “tribe” as they call themselves) include Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson . You can read about all the miraculous, really-too-good-to-be-true benefits of gorging yourself daily on pork chops on any number of pro-meat websites, but it’s also spreading out to other areas. . . The internet is even more of a sausage fest than usual.

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