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Offshore Fish Farm

Three miles off Norway’s rugged coast, 1.5 million salmon swim in a 220-foot-high, football-field-long mass of floating mesh-wire frames and nets. This is Ocean Farm 1, the world’s first

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Virtual Insanity
Before this year, supercar manufacturer Bugatti had released only two vehicles in the 20 years since it was revived by the Volkswagen Group: the 1,200- horsepower, $2 million Veyron and the faster, more powerful $3 million Chiron. In August the comp
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The Novo Abides
Mike Novogratz, former Goldman Sachs partner and the loudest crypto bull on Wall Street, has made and lost a fortune on Bitcoin. He’s still all-in
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Japan’s Takeda Goes Global
Back in 2013, Christophe Weber was offered a job as Takeda Pharmaceutical Co.’s chief operating officer, making him essentially the CEO-in-waiting and placing him on track to become the first foreigner to run the company since its founding in 1781. T