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Who's left to employ? Tight job market scoops up those on the margin

Michelle Bulla work​ed​ with ​a military ​veteran during an introduction to Goodwill's ​v​eterans ​s​ervices ​p​rogram ​in Winston-Salem, N​.C.​, last September.​ A strong job market is luring more people back to work, and often those reentering the job market need some assistance or training. ​Goodwill Northwest North Carolina ​is one of many groups ​offer​ing​ skills training classes. Source: Ann Hermes/Staff

Almost like clockwork, a growing US economy cranks out new jobs. In July, it added 157,000 positions, the US Labor Department reported Friday; in June, 248,000.

But with unemployment near 20-year lows and some analysts touting “full employment,” are there enough available people to keep filling them?

Population growth can account for about a third to a half of the new hires. But to keep the economy growing, people not currently working need to come off the sidelines to reenter the workforce. And that’s what’s happening. The story of who and how is a sometimes messy process, with people struggling with issues from health to

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