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The EPA’s latest news on asbestos has a lot of people nervous

The carcinogen is banned in 55 countries, but not here.
asbestos warning sign

The potent carcinogen is banned in 55 countries.

Asbestos is arguably one of the most well-known cancer-causing agents, and one that the Environmental Protection Agency has been trying to regulate on and off for decades. The toxic construction material, banned in other 55 other countries, made the news earlier this week amidst fears that the EPA is easing the way for an uptick in asbestos manufacturing.

In fact, asbestos never left the U.S. market, though there are certain restrictions limiting its uses. Instead, the EPA plans to has eyed more lenient regulations on everything from pesticides to and , environmental groups fear that the “new uses” review could signal an uptick in asbestos manufacturing, despite its dangers to public health, rather than a move toward the total ban the EPA sought under the Obama administration.

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