Why Live Alone in Retirement? Form a Pod Instead

Are you sick and tired of having financial pundits yell at you about not saving enough for retirement? I am. They scare retirees into believing that because the average person has not saved enough, that they are doomed to a life of horrible choices. Because of their longer life spans and often smaller savings, this can be especially scary for women. Some women fear becoming bag ladies and living out of shopping carts. Others fear becoming a burden to their children.

Retirement becomes a "black-hole" for the future. What if you could change the narrative into planning for a life that you could look forward to living? A life of your own design, doing what you want to be doing -- with people you are compatible with.

The Pod

I call this type of living The Pod. Literally, you will start to design your future living with friends., and you can do it, too. You don't have to know all of the details; you just have to know that you don't want to live alone. You can have roommates or housemates, and you can plan a future together. You can design your Pod with couples or if you want it to be same sex, go for it. (Keep in mind that you are expected to live an average of than your hubby.) With your Pod you will get to share expenses, talents, hobbies and even travel. The point is that you get to design your future, and not just let it sneak up on you, leaving you with no choices.

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