A 94-Year-Old 'Sexpert' Gives India Advice On You Know What

Schools in the conservative country often have no sex ed, and it's a taboo topic at home. That's why Dr. Mahinder Watsa is one of the country's most popular advice columnists.
For the past 60 years, Dr. Mahinder Watsa, a Mumbai OB-GYN, has been writing a sex column for the local media. He gets about 100 letters a day. The writers range from teenage girls to men in their 70s. Source: Lauren Frayer/NPR

Note to readers: As you would expect in a story about a sex advice columnist, this post contains some frank language about sex.

Growing up in India, I had no sex ed in school. Sex was a taboo. Indian parents largely avoid the whole birds-and-bees talk.

I'd never heard words like condom, intercourse, ejaculation or penetration spoken aloud.

But I had read them in my local tabloid newspaper, the Mumbai Mirror, in a column called "Ask the" — a source of guilty fascination for youngsters like me. There are stories of parents across the city clipping out the column before putting the newspaper on the breakfast table.

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