Emus Swarm Town As Australia's Drought Worsens

The tough conditions are drying up huge swathes of land, leaving farmers struggling. Groups of thirsty emus recently showed up in an outback mining town looking for water.
Cattle on a dry paddock in the drought-hit area of Quirindi in New South Wales. Source: Glenn Nicholls

The entirety of Australia's most populous state, New South Wales, is suffering from a crippling drought that is the most severe in recent memory.

The tough conditions are drying up huge swathes of land, leaving farmers struggling to feed their livestock and water their crops. It's also exacerbating bushfires in the state.

One mining town in the outback, Broken Hill, is even reporting crowds of emus arriving into town searching for, have been spotted "running laps of the main street, eating gardens and gate crashing football matches," .

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