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Warren Beatty on His Friendship with John McCain

Source: Danny Moloshok / Reuters

"I like Obama. I like Hillary I like McCain, and when I get ready to say something publicly, I will do it," Warren Beatty told me. I had called the actor to ask about a report—well, mostly a rumor—that John McCain had told Mr. "I don’t understand the ridiculousness of this process that makes that a subject of your work. Isn't it clear that the McCain campaigned for the Republican candidate?" He went on: Has John McCain changed much from 2000, when, in the glow of his apostasy from Republican orthodoxies, he found himself embraced by many friends in Hollywood? [Note: Beatty's friendship with McCain predates the 2000 campaign.] I told him I agreed. Over the phone, Beatty speaks cautiously and slowly.

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