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How to Fix the Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearings

Senate Democrats will likely do a terrible job of cross-examining Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. They’d do better to hire their own counsel—and they can.
Source: Associated Press

Why do the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee think they’re qualified to cross-examine a Supreme Court nominee effectively?

They aren’t—they just can’t bear to give up airtime. But if they’re honest enough to admit it, they have an alternative. Even though they’re in the minority, they’re fully allowed to hire their own counsel. They ought to retain a professional to do the job.

When Brett Kavanaugh takes center stage this week in his confirmation hearings on Capitol Hill, many Republican senators won’t bother to ask anything tough. A year ago, when Neil Gorsuch—President Donald Trump’s first Supreme Court appointment—was before them, they discussed such pap as mutton busting, Gorsuch’s pet goat Nibbles, and (thank you, Senator Ben Sasse) “how in the world is Gorsuch able to go so many hours at a time without

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