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Wear Your Coach

Wearables, especially watches, are all about fitness. Now, Google wants to throw in a special assistant.

Wearables are always focussed on activity and fitness for want of something better to do. The ability to track in real time has opened up new opportunities for companies to tack on features based on the data from smartwatches, rings and even earbuds. Beem United's

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Who’s Doing What
SP Jain Institute of Management is conducting entire sessions online; students are sent the material in advance, which is then analysed in class; A project evaluation based on video submission of project has also been tried by a professor IIM Bangalo
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Agri Numbers
AGRICULTURAL LAND IN INDIA 328.73 million hectares INDIA’S POPULATION 1.3 billion NET AREA SOWN 140.71 million hectares TOTAL WORKERS 481.9 million 54.6% of whom are agricultural workers NET IRRIGATED AREA 57.1 million hectares Source: Agricultural S
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My Top Reforms
SANJEEV SANYAL, PRINCIPAL ECONOMIC ADVISOR, GOVERNMENT OF INDIA Ensure contract enforcement and rule of law. Government and judiciary will have to work in partnership. The government, in partnership with judiciary, has to make the judicial system wor