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Bringing Science Back to the EPA — Whether EPA Wants it or Not.
The current administration’s attacks on both scientists and science are unprecedented, reaching a new low a few weeks ago when the White House Chief of Staff and the Secretary of Commerce attempted to stifle NOAA employees from giving the public accu
Union of Concerned Scientists2 min readTech
The Power of Energy Innovation (Have Fishing Line, Will Cool?)
“Twistocaloric” cooling technology, spelled out in Science, is based on an amazingly simple concept: the property of materials—think rubber bands, for example—to heat up when stretched, and cool down when released. These innovations (and similar rec
Union of Concerned Scientists4 min readTech
Toyota Tacoma Suffering from Neglect, Gets Pick-me-up for 2025
The Toyota Tacoma is the best-selling midsize pick-up in the country, and its assembly facility in San Antonio has been churning around the clock to push the vehicle to record sales earlier this year. However, new entrants to the midsize pick-up from