The Russia Investigations: Can There Be A Final Answer On 'Collusion'?

Trump's lawyers and the special counsel's office have been negotiating over a possible interview. But leaks of a new book reveal an ex-Trump lawyer has argued Trump should never agree to a sit-down.
President Donald Trump in the Oval Office of the White House on Wednesday. Source: Pool

This week in the Russia investigations: The collusion mystery may be insoluble, Mueller and his team fly around to the dark side — perhaps, and punishment for Papadopoulos.

The unreliable narrator

Critics never tire of pointing out what they call President Trump's penchant for prevaricating, evading, sidestepping, fabricating, inventing, dissembling, misrepresenting, distorting, warping, embellishing, embroidering, exaggerating, inflating, misleading or deceiving.

What became clear this week, however, was that even some of his own closest aides and supporters also say this is a central aspect to his personality and his conduct in office — and it's a problem for them too, especially in the Russia investigation.

John Dowd, a former Trump personal attorney in the Russia matter, and others are described as scrambling to

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