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The title might sound like a period piece, but The Romanoffs (with Marthe Keller, Inès Melab, and Aaron Eckhart) is definitely modern

WHEN MATTHEW WEINER calls, response times are quick. “I said yes before they could finish asking,” Kerry Bishé says of signing on to appear in one part of The Romanoffs, an eight-installment anthology series from the

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IN 2012 WORD ARRIVED THAT FORMER Office showrunner and Toby actor Paul Lieberstein and Rainn Wilson were developing a spinoff of the hit NBC comedy titled The Farm. The show would follow Dwight as he tends to the property he jointly inherits with his
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Michael Scott’s Last Day
IT’S A REGULAR PART OF WORK life—new faces join the ranks, colleagues are promoted, managers move on. But when it came time for Michael G. Scott to take one last walk through the doors of Dunder Mifflin, it was anything but another day in the office
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Role Call
The bumbling, inappropriate, awkward regional manager-slash-screenwriter was never one to ignore a double entendre, and managed to offend nearly everyone he encountered. While he spent his work hours unwisely (most of them distracting others, about 4