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Go Beyond Sales To Stay Ahead

Companies need to imbibe a service oriented culture as customer empathy and engagement matter most in the long run.

Managing product brand, as well as corporate branding, has become a challenging area. Today, each firm is making efforts to increase brand equity and public relations (PR) has emerged as the favourite tool. Social media is the most sought after medium now for making the correct noises at the right time and places. Moreover, of late, corporate social responsibility and its different offshoots have been sought after as a part of the PR strategy.

Researches of David Aaker and Jean Noel Kapferer are still very relevant when it comes to brand management. However, firms in India have moved far ahead when it comes to establishing and maintaining a sustainable competitive edge through brand equity. Interestingly, with the ever increasing array of product variants and brands, customers were never more confused than now. To top it all, an incessant barrage of marketing communications has created complete chaos. Social media chatter and paid blogs are giving

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