Trump's Rise Foretold in Comic Book Story of Wrestling

Wrestlers understand “the malleability of truth,” flipping established narratives in shocking ways. Therefore, the book is a guidebook for understanding Trump and current politics.
Trumpemania: a spread from 'The Comic Book Story of Professional Wrestling' by Aubrey Sitterson and Chris Moreno
CUL_Wrestling_01 Source: Courtesy of Chris Moreno

During the 2016 presidential race, Donald Trump insulted reporters, taunted rivals and encouraged violence at his rallies. One Trump supporter even created a meme of the president beating up CNN. It looked and sounded a lot like professional wrestling—and many voters loved it.

Author Aubrey Sitterson and artist Chris, shows why we love a good fight. In scrupulous detail, the duo cover America’s “one true sport” from its Colonial roots to the modern-day WWE empire. Turns out, the nation has always been a sucker for spectacle. The choreographed fighting and scripted results, Sitterson says, stir our emotions and tap our need for morality plays; we like to see heroes (called babyfaces) battling villains (heels).

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