Bradley Cooper reimagines an iconic Hollywood story—and transforms Lady Gaga into a movie star
Cooper spent more than three years working on A Star Is Born; “It’s the exact movie I wanted to make,” he says

IF YOU’VE LOOKED AT A screen at any point over the past few months, you’ve probably seen the trailer for A Star Is Born—at a movie theater, on TV or on YouTube, where it’s already been viewed 9.2 million times. Or maybe you’ve seen the recut version of it, which reimagines the film starring the Muppets. Or maybe you follow the Twitter account dedicated to memes based on the trailer’s most memorable moments—like the one where Bradley Cooper’s aging rocker, Jack Maine, rolls down his car window and grunts at Lady Gaga’s aspiring singer, Ally, “Hey.” She turns. “What?” His eyes crinkle. “I just wanted to take another look at you,” he says. It’s the kind of perfect little movie moment that can thaw even the iciest of hearts.

A Star Is Born isn’t even out yet, and it has already ascended to the sort of pop-culture juggernaut status typically reserved for superhero fare. Over breakfast in a West Hollywood diner, Cooper, who co-wrote, directed and

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