Why Did An Octopus-Wielding Sea Lion Slap A Kayaker In The Face?

A sea lion in a viral video was probably just messing around with its food. Researchers say sea lions don't care enough about humans to want to slap one of us with an octopus.
A screenshot by NPR of a sea lion flinging an octopus Source: Taiyo Masuda/Screenshot by NPR

A sea lion smacks a kayaker with an octopus, and the video capturing the unlikely encounter quickly becomes a viral sensation.

The conflict between man and beasts happened off the coast of New Zealand's South Island.

Taiyo Masuda, Kyle Mulinder and friends were going for a paddle off the coast of Kaikoura. Masuda's camera follows the sea lion as it zips beneath the ocean's surface and pops up a couple of feet from Mulinder and flings an octopus his way.

"Whoa!" Masuda shouts, as Mulinder shakes his head and looks back into the water.

"I'm not sure who got more of.

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