Opinion: As a pediatrician, I work with sexually assaulted teens. They deserve full investigations

I work with girls who have been sexually assaulted. The alleged assault involving Brett Kavanaugh requires a formal investigation by trained professionals.
Three victims of sexual assault pose for a photo during a 2016 interview. Fear of social consequences prevents many abuse victims from coming forward. Source: Marcelo Ruiz/AP

As a pediatrician who specializes in child abuse in the South Bronx, I see teenage girls every day who have been sexually assaulted, often by older teenage boys. Sadly, very few of the perpetrators are ever held accountable for the crimes they have committed.

Why? The victims have everything to lose by coming forward: They blame themselves. Law enforcement officers doubt the veracity of their claims and make them feel like they “wanted it.” If kids in school get wind of the assault, they take

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