Your stem cells hold the cure to a host of ills—and maybe aging itself. Forever Labs is making sure they’ll be there when you need them.

In a clinic in leafy Orinda, California, Anthony, a 45-year-old medical sales rep, lies facedown on an examination table, a sterile sheet draped over his bare bottom. Orthopedic surgeon Chad Roghair uses an ultrasound machine to locate the posterior iliac crest of Anthony’s pelvis, and then numbs the area. Roghair makes a tiny incision with a scalpel and inserts a pencil-size tube called a trocar, through which he drills two centimeters into Anthony’s hipbone. Attaching a syringe, he slowly draws out 60 milliliters of marrow.

It’s a rich, dark red. Like beet juice.

A nurse immediately places the vials in a container lined with dry ice, which she will send to Ann Arbor, Michigan, where a company called Forever Labs will place their contents into cryostorage.

On his feet moments later, Anthony explains

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