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Five science tricks to scare up a better Halloween costume

Add lights and smoke and just a bit of body horror.

Want to expel smoke from your fingertips? All it takes is a matchbox, a piece of metal, and a little advance preparation.

Halloween is coming, which means the race for the most awesome costume is on. Fortunately, a little science can add some serious fright to your get-up. These tricks only require a little advance preparation, but your friends will remember the result for years to come.

Apply makeup that only appears under ultraviolet LEDs

Want to play Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? You can paint your skin with glowing scars, creepy eye makeup, and veiny hands...that only appear under ultraviolet light. Add some UV LEDs to your costume, and you’ll be able to turn this makeup on and off with a switch. Alternatively, amp up your vampire look with similar UV-reactive makeup that does appear under normal light but produces fluorescesce in the presence of a blacklight.

To put this look together, you’ll need and specialize entirely in this type of UV-reactive makeup. For hair products that glow, look for gel from .

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