Why did a former Miss Iraq flee her country?

IT WAS THE LAST THURSDAY IN SEPTEMBER when 22-year-old social-media icon Tara Fares was gunned down in Baghdad. It was a Thursday in August when a well-known beautician was found dead in her home, and the Thursday before that when a plastic surgeon nicknamed

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The News Gets To Move On
The therapy and medication helped. So did a pottery class. Anything to take her mind off that day. Then Pacella retraumatized herself. In February, she testified before a state legislative committee in support of a bill that would regulate rifles and
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Olivia Colman dons The Crown
IN THE 1960S, AS THE BRITISH ECONOMY stagnated and youth movements raged against the establishment, the royal family started to worry. How long could a largely ornamental monarchy keep justifying its tax-supported existence to its broke, disaffected
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Dimming the Lights
EVERYONE HAS AN OPINION ABOUT WHERE Felicia Anna works. For the past nine years, the 33-year-old Romanian sex worker has attracted clients by standing in the glowing windows of the world’s most famous red-light district. The area’s reputation, she sa