Backpacking is a full-body workout, but that doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to feeling stiff and sore. Loosen up the kinks, improve circulation, and strengthen your back and core with this short yoga routine you can do without leaving your sleeping.)

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Field Notes
BASECAMP MAT For some hikers, winter camping is only manageable with an expedition’s worth of warm gear. If that’s you, add this thick, insulated pad to your basecamp checklist. The open-cell foam insulates better than less-dense synthetic fill, and
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9. No Shame in Your Terrain 10. Choking Out Sequoia
AS I CRESTED the hill to my favorite car camping spot in Utah, I found myself slamming the brakes. There it was, the dramatic view of the desert horizon exquisitely adorned with sandstone towers—and a massive orange SUV. It wasn’t so much where the t
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Go-the-distance Gear
FOOT SOLDIERS Thru-hikers’ feet take a beating. Keep yours (relatively) happy with the Lone Peak 4.0, which o_ ers a combo of support, traction, and weight that’s unmatched for sneaker-type hiking shoes. A 25-millimeterthick EVA midsole provides cush