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WARMEST OUR TAKE When we first tried Brynje’s Scandinavian-style baselayers last year, we were hooked: The fishnet design, which uses small holes in the material to trap pockets of air when worn under another layer, kept us warm all winter. This year
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Ski Boots
OUR TAKE The TLT line has been the “everything you need, nothing you don’t” boot for a generation of skiers, and the TLT8 is the best-fitting version yet. A lower-volume design than its predecessors means this boot feels more precise on downhills whi
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TENTS STRONGEST OUR TAKE In 2014, we lauded the four-season Moment for its stability, and this redesign doubles down on sturdiness. A thicker brow pole provides better support in high winds: “I saw 45-mph gusts and the tent stood firm,” said one test