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Growing Up On The PCT
MY DAUGHTER, CAROLINE, WAS STRIDING far ahead of me as dusk settled on the Pacific Crest Trail in Southern California. After hiking 25 miles that day, over a rocky, hilly desert, I was exhausted and felt the weight of my pack—but Caroline, 17, kept c
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King Of The Mountains
HE MOVES,” one hiker has said, “like smoke through the trees.” “He’s like a ghost,” a peakbagger once told me. “You can’t find a picture of him anywhere.” JR Stockwell is a real person, though. He is a 58-year-old carpenter who lives just a mile from
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Night Swimming
WHEN THE STORM BROKE, I welcomed the rain. I’d spent all day exploring backcountry lakes in California’s Trinity Alps under a cloudy October sky, but thankfully the rain held off until nightfall. Perfect. I love riding out a storm inside a tent, dry