Fore Father

THOSE OF US OLD AND analog enough to have grown up “with television”—meaning, those of us whose childhoods in the 1960s and 1970s coincided with the broadcast medium’s own furious adolescent growth spurt—were fortunate viewers. It was believed that broadcast television would, first, revolutionize journalism with its immense graphic immediacy, as it still does. Vietnam was the first real televised war, fought and lost on the field, almost in lockstep as it was shown being fought and lost in the American living room. Secondly, and arguably not least, our

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24 Hours With … Nancy O’Dell
I set two alarms. One is across the room so I’m forced to get up. My daughter, Ashby, who’s 12, is still asleep. So are our three dogs, Shih Tzu Penny and Yorkies Buttercup and Jewels—or P, B & J, as we call them. This is my sacred quiet-house time.
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On the Page
In this latest of the best-selling FBI Thriller series, agents Savich and Sherlock are solving their most twisted case yet, involving a missing CIA analyst and a kidnapper with powerful connections. For nearly a decade, Taddeo followed three American
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Laura Chinn’s Clearwater
THE PREMISE BEHIND LAURA CHINN’S Florida Girls is a case of “write what you know.” Chinn moved from California to Florida when she was 9, then looped back to the Golden State to pursue acting at age 20. “I fully love all things Florida. Even when I p