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Fresh Starts
THESE LAUDED ACTORS have created many of our favorite characters of all time. As if we could ask for more, they’re now introducing us to some of our new favorite characters and showing off their myriad—and versatile—gifts. You’ve loved her as: Queen
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In the Stars
MOM airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CBS and streams on CBS All Access. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANNA Faris! The Mom actress’s sun is in colorful, adventurous, and audacious Sagittarius; her moon (her heart) is in dreamy, kindhearted, and sensitive Pisces. She
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Date Nights
REMEMBER HOW IT USED to be? Your show was on at whatever-o-clock, and that meant an entire to-do list to be checked off by whatever-o-clock minus one second. I’ve been a fan of appointment television since my older sister and I would finish our homew