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The Work-Mind Balance

When mental health meets work, the conversation often centers on how our jobs make us stressed, anxious, depressed—all very real, very difficult situations. But what if we flipped that script? Enter six leading ladies who have conquered mental-wellness issues and collected lessons along the way. Now, they’re using those tools to navigate and expand their badass careers—and getting honest about what it takes to be strong in every sense of the word.

“Dear bullies: Thank you”

The first time I understood that your peers could be cruel to you, I was in the third grade. My teacher left the class for a minute and put me in charge. As soon as she was gone, everyone got out of their seats. One boy was making paper planes and flying them all over. I was on the ground on all fours, trying to pick up a plane, when I looked up and he kicked me right in my face. That was the moment I realized you could be hurt and disregarded by people you thought were your friends.

I didn’t classify this as bullying. I thought it was just kids being mean to me. But eventually, I realized that I was the one left out or ostracized over the years. I The bullying was both direct and aggressive (the face kick) and indirect and passive-aggressive (I once overheard a group of girls talking about inviting me to a pool party for the express purpose of drowning me).

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