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Power Up!
I listen to music on my work commute: toe-tappers to get revved up, slower tunes if I need some zen. A turbo mid-workday sweat makes me feel strong and confident. Result: I’m on all afternoon. As I cleanse and moisturize before bed, I “wash off” any
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Treat Yo’self?
This med, which is inserted directly into the vagina, was actually the first line of treatment for yeast infections until modern antifungals hit the market, says ob-gyn Leena Nathan, MD. And now a spate of direct-to-consumer companies are making it t
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Mind Magic
Imagine this: Stressed employees watch a video about how detrimental burnout is to well-being, while others view a clip about how workplace worry is beneficial. This test really happened: Yale researchers had colleagues watch a stress-is-good video a