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I Can’t Help It, I’m a Gemıni

41% of women believe astrology is “scientific,” per a new National Science Foundation survey.

  Subscribing to astrology—a.k.a. reading your horoscope—has become a mainstream, even buzzy way to live more fully, intentionally, and unapologetically. Just look at social media: Both Twitter and Instagram have dozens of astro accounts, many with tens, even hundreds, of thousands of followers. The app space is just as inundated. One of the most popular,, saw more than 22 million sessions in 2016 (her website gets 120 million views yearly). And while the growth in horoscope readers around the country is difficult to track (we asked nine organizations and none could give us a stat), the topic’s success isn’t: ’s weekly Hump Day Horoscopes, for example, drives more viewers to our website than any other Instagram content.

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