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Happy Winter Blues
1. 2020 LINCOLN CORSAIR BEYOND BLUE INTERIOR Why wait until you reach your destination to feel settled? Lincoln’s new, sexy leather hue was specifically designed to inject peace into your journey—traffic tension, begone! $500 plus vehicle price, linc
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Come Clean
HOW BAD IS IT, REALLY? This isn’t the worst thing you can do, but you might be shorting yourself some benefits. “Generally speaking, it takes weeks or even months of continuous use for a product to exert its full effect on the skin,” says WH advisory
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Rosario Rising
There are a few things to know about Rosario Dawson: She’s usually the last one to leave a party (hey, she loves to chat), she’s not big on routine, and she’ll rise to the occasion when her 17-year-old daughter, Isabella, challenges her to do a cartw