FRIENDS AND READERS OFTEN ASK ME, “What boat should I get?” I always answer, but I never answer that question. (Not even for family.) Instead, I suggest that people make a list of how they will use their boat and what features they’d like to one,” as he pointed to the inflatable. We left our boat in her slip and spent a couple of hours cruising our local canals on the rubber boat, having a blast. My son had an ear-to-ear grin the entire time. As soon as we returned, he asked when we could do it again. It was his preferred ride. ¶ So, ask me all you want, but my answer will always be the same: The best boat is the one that gets you on the water.

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Maximizing the potential of a yacht is a juggling act, keeping parity between living, entertaining, stowage and system spaces. The Absolute Yachts Navetta 68 is a good juggler. Fitting in the builder’s lineup between the 58- and 73-foot Navettas, the